Ternopil region

Jewish and tourist attractions, places of memory

What will you find on our photowalks and maps:


  • Objects of Jewish cultural heritage (synagogues, public and commercial buildings, monuments);

  • Famous and not very famous tourist attractions of Ukraine;

  • A lot of ancient architecture, from Gothic to modernity;

  • A unique stone carving in ancient Jewish and other cemeteries, ohels of Hasidic Tsadiks;

  • Places of memory.

Jewish map of Ternopil region

- For convenience, routes inside the cities are highlighted in different colors;
- Standard badge indicates the sights related to Jewish history and culture;
- Badge with the turret indicates interesting non-Jewish attractions;
- Gray badge indicates cemeteries and memorials;
- Orange badge marks the places of pilgrimage and the ohels of Hasidic tsadiks;
- Black badge marked the lost objects;
- Badge with a question sign (?) means that the exact location of the object must be clarified on the spot.

English version (note: English version more full than Russian)

Примечание: английская версия более полная, чем русскоязычная
Jewish Religious community of Zhmerinka
Ukraine, 23100, alley Khlibniy, 2
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Jewish towns of Ukraine
Jewish towns of Ukraine
My shtetl
My shtetl